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How Rent To Buy Works:

Applicant Requirements:

1.    Client must be South African citizen .
2.    Must have a valid drivers licence .
3.    Earn a salary with payslip and bank statements to prove positive figure for at least last three months.
4.    Have a FICA approved proof of address
5.    Minimum net income R8500
6.    Minimum  deposit  required R5000.
7.    We reserve the right to decline rent to buy  if all terms and conditions are not met .

Select a vehicle:

The Client can choose any roadworthy vehicle from the dealer stock (www.becars.co.za) that costs less than R100 000. a minimum R5000 deposit  More expensive vehicles can be considered if the customer pays a large non-refundable deposit.


Each vehicle will have a tracker device , comprehensive insurance , warranty policy for  1  year( motor gold  warranty  through Warranty solutions) ,included in the monthly payment.
Take out ( The client can choose a motor warranty through the motor dealer (if available)


The client will sign a rental agreement and on option-to-buy agreement.

Flexible Terms:

The Client can choose to buy out the vehicle at any time for the outstanding vehicle value or after 60 months for R5000.
It is also possible to cancel the contract at any time, subject to the payment of the cancellation fee which is equivalent to 6-9 months' rental payment.

Debit Order:

The Client will authorize a 60-month authenticated early debit order (AEDO)
with a POS device.

Maintenance & Damages:

Any damages to the vehicle not covered by insurance or warranty are on the clients' account.


Minimum Deposit R5000

Vehicle Price

(Incl. VAT)

Minimum Deposit Rental Insurance & Tracker Vat

Total monthly


R20 000 R1 740 R1 631   R543 R326 R2 500
R 30 000 R2 240 R2 087 R696 R417 R3 200
R40 000 R2 740 R2 608 R870 R522 R4 000
R50 000 R3 340 R3 065 R1 022 R613 R4 700
R60 000 R3 740 R3 522 R1 174 R704 R5 400
R70 000 R4 240 R4 043 R1 348 R809 R6 200
R80 000 R4 740 R4 500 R1 500 R900 R6 900
R90 000 R5 240 R4 957 R1 652 R991 R7 600
R100 000 R5 740 R5 414 R1 804 R1 082      R8 300


Call 0117875555 or go to www.becars.co.za online  or email luis@becars.co.za to enquire now

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